Monday, April 14, 2008

Teresa Kok Yang Melampau, Politik BAbi DAP dan PKR

Apakah motif politik DAP? Ingin menjadikan Malaysia an extension of REPUBLIC OF CHINA? Makin KURANG AJAR DAP dan PKR. Tidak cukupkan Temasek menjadi part of the greater China, Pulau Pinang juga. Sekarang Selangor pula dengan projek2 BAbi dan great wall of China. PKR pula semata-mata menjadi kaldai tunggangan DAP.

China village plan to lure investors

KLANG: In a bid to lure more investments from China to Selangor, the state government is planning to build a China village that will provide an investor-friendly working environment.

The China village would have basic facilities and infrastructure such as a college or university set up by the education centre from China, an international school and housing areas.

State Investment, Industry and Commerce Committee chairman Teresa Kok said the plans for the village were in the preliminary stages.
“We want to continue to attract more investors, especially from China, into the state which has international standard industrial zones such as Pulau Indah and the Science Park to cater to them,” she said after meeting members of the Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry from Klang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor here yesterday.

Also present at the function were Sungai Pinang state assemblyman Teng Chang Khim and state Local Government, Research and Development Committee chairman Ronnie Liu.
Improving the investment environment for investors was crucial as Malaysia was competing with other South-East Asian countries like Thailand and Cambodia that were also very attractive to investors, she added.

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