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Abdullah calon Presiden PAS, Khairy calon Ketua Pemuda PKR

Anwar Ibrahim Presiden de facto BA cukup memuji dan mempertahankan Khairy dan Abdullah, manakala sentiasa menghentam Najib dan Mahathir.

Akar umbi UMNO dengan itu bermurah hati ingin menderma Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk dicalonkan sebagai Presiden PAS sekiranya Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang sudah uzur dan tidak mampu menerajui parti itu kerana masaalah kesihatan, manakala Sdra Khairy Jamaluddin pula ditawarkan sebagai calon Ketua Pemuda PKR.

Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mempunyai pengalaman menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selama 4 tahun. Beliau juga adalah anak salah seorang pengasas PAS dan ini akan merupakan seperti sirih pulang ke ganggang. Manakala menantu beliau Sdra Khairy Jamaluddin mempunyai 4 tahun pengalaman sebagai Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO yang dimenangi tanpa bertanding dengan sijil nikah, atas ehsan mengahwini anak Perdana Menteri Malaysia aka Perdana Menteri proksi sepanjang pengalaman beliau sebagai menantu Perdana Menteri.

Adalah satu bonus untuk Pakatan BA kerana kedua-dua bapa mertua dan menantu ini adalah faktor utama kemenangan PKR, PAS dan DAP di 5 buah negeri dan 1 WP.

Berita ini sudah tentu mengembirakan Presiden de facto PKR dan Pakatan BA Anwar Ibrahim bagi memantapkan Barisan Alternatifnya. Kerana Najib dan Mahathir tidak pernah lepas approval rating beliau, eloklah UMNO simpan sendiri Datuk Najib dan Tun Dr. Mahathir.

(From a joke thread on KMU)
KUALA LUMPUR, 17 April (Haramkah) - Presiden PAS, Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang digesa meletak jawatan sebagai Presiden Pas. Gesaan tersebut dibuat oleh kebanyakkan ahli-ahli yang merasakan beliau harus berehat kerana kesihatan yang tidak mengizinkan. Gesaan secara senyap tersebut turut disuarakan oleh Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Beliau mencadangkan dan bersetuju Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengambil alih jawatan yang akan dikosongkan Presiden Pas itu kelak.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 12 — Khairy Jamaludin has received support from an unlikely source — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The beleaguered son-in-law of the Prime Minister has attracted blame for Umno’s poor performance in the recent general election and has reached a level of toxicity in party circles that he was not considered for a position in the government and looks set to play a peripheral role in the party polls in December.

But the man who he has attacked savagely in the past came to his defence in an interview with The Star.

Anwar said: “I don’t share this very personal venom and viciousness that is thrown towards him by many others. “I follow Umno politics quite closely but I don’t share this personal venom against him. It’s not a popular thing to say these days. It may be perceived as my defending him, but I am not defending him. But I don’t share the view that people are attributing the entire blame for the disastrous defeat on him. I think people either over-generalise or apportion blame.

“I think he is a very convenient scapegoat although he deserves it to an extent — but not to be blamed for the entire defeat. There are many faults and many problems. You can see the many issues that are raised. It’s not just him. It’s the entire system.’’

Anwar’s words of support could be a kiss of death for a politician who has been trying to live down the perception that he is close to the former deputy prime minister — a perception that was created after he paid a late-night visit to Anwar’s home in 2004, sat down with him for a chat and then handed over a passport to enable him to travel overseas for medical treatment.

Khairy was told off for making that visit, saying that it would create the perception among Umno players that he was preparing the stage for Anwar’s return to the party. His friends told him that though the visit was innocent, it would be viewed by supporters of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein suspiciously.

To compensate, Khairy started attacking Anwar publicly. When parallels between him and Anwar started gaining currency, he attacked the latter at every opportunity, making it a point to say that Umno was better off without the former deputy prime minister.

During a ceramah in Lembah Pantai before the election, he attacked Anwar viciously and is now being sued RM10 million for defamation.

Anwar remember that late-night visit to his old home in Damansara well.
“He sounded reasonably intelligent to me and he was very polite in that meeting.’’ But Anwar said that he thought that some of Khairy’s later statements appeared to be rather arrogant. In contrast, Anwar said that he was always firm and tough, but never arrogant.

His assuring comments will spark a new round of speculation that Khairy may have a political future with the Pakatan Rakyat now that his value in Umno seems to have plummeted.

Commenting on previous prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's criticism of him and linking him with Jewish lobbies, the ex-deputy premier dismissed the suggestion as "ludicrous".

"He's (Mahathir) getting a bit too tired and confused. I've not been to any of the Jewish lobbies, (but) he has. I've not met any Israeli leader, but he has met... quietly, when he was prime minister."

Anwar added that his former boss was the one who had dealings with the Jews, pointing out the US$1.2 million alleged to have been paid to disgraced American lobbyist Abramoff to arrange a meeting between Mahathir and US President George W Bush in 2002.

"He (Mahathir) should concentrate on his health and apologise to the people for his many atrocities. He also has to explain on how he destroy the judiciary, how he controlled the media, how he put hundreds of people under ISA (Internal Security Act) including Operation Lallang.

"He should also explain his involvement in various corrupt practices, serious mismanagement, stealing government funds through the destruction of many government-controlled companies like Perwaja (Steel). I think it is better for him to deal with these issues," said Anwar.

"I've refrained for years from responding to him... But apparently he's very scared about this new phenomenon of people speaking up and wanting to see change.
Anwar also said that the former premier wants to ensure that his nominees take over to protect his and his family's interest.

Mahathir was reported earlier to have said, "He (Anwar) is the only prime minister that the Israelis would vote for" on Saturday.

He said that in response to a question on whether Anwar had any credibility to become prime minister.

Najib must be blamed too

On Mahathir's call for Abdullah to quit, Anwar said, "I've never taken Dr Mahathir's views very seriously for a long time.

"Of course, the prime minister cannot absolve himself from BN's setback but he led the election campaign together with Najib (Abdul Razak)," said Anwar.

"Najib was spearheading the campaign and Abdullah is the prime minister, so both of them have to be accountable for their disastrous defeat."

On his plans to run for a parliamentary seat, Anwar reiterated that it was not important now as he wants to concentrate on strengthening the Pakatan coalition.
He said that for the time being he wants to help Pakatan to focus on good governance and improve the working relationship between the various parties within the opposition alliance.

"My personal career is not a priority at the moment as I've still got time," he added.

On prime minister and Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's succession plan, Anwar was non-committal.

"Umno and the other main component parties are in turmoil now. Their best option now is to join Pakatan Rakyat," said Anwar.

Anwar is due to attend a rally in Sultan Sulaiman Club at Kampung Baru tomorrow to mark his return from political exile. His five-year ban from active politics ends on April 15.

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