Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shot Gun Marriage Between Pak Lah and Anwar Ibrahim

I think this is very plausible, with Pak Lah trying to hang on to the PM-ship rain or shine, and the fact only possibly via this arrangement, his Son-In-Law Khairy Jamaluddin will get a shot at the PM-ship, having to acknowledge it now that the UMNO akar umbi hates Khairy. Since "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", thus, Pak Lah and Khairy are clearly using Anwar to attack Tun Dr Mahathir and to subdue Najib, being Khairy's only barrier to the golden seat, now that Khir Toyo has lost his Chief Minister's position at PRU 12.

Anwar also knows the only way for him to become PM is thru UMNO. The only time he can come back to UMNO is via Pak Lah and Khairy Jamaluddin. Thus, why we see Zahid Hamidi being given a ministrial position under Pak Lah.



Wake Up To Reality

Recently, Husam the confidante and right hand-man of Nik Aziz warned his allies, DAP and PKR that the electorate did not vote for the Opposition because they loved them and or that they supported Anwar Ibrahim. He correctly pointed out that the swing against Barisan Nasional was to “teach” Barisan Nasional a lesson.

I would add that the swing against BN was the expression of the rakyat’s total disgust towards Pak Lah and his family for raping and plundering the country. Anyone who took the trouble to go to the ground and listen to the rakyat cannot but come to the conclusion that Pak Lah represented the rot and cancer that was fast spreading within the BN government.

Anwar Ibrahim, like Pak Lah is in a state of denial, believing that the rakyat voted for him and this was a critical factor in the huge swing against the BN government. This is his ego on turbo charge!

Anwar also knows that the Pakatan Rakyat cannot deliver on its General Election promises because they don’t have the funds and the capability to draw foreign investments to the states which they control. Neither have they the ability to effectively manage the four state governments, the exception being Kelantan under PAS Nik Aziz.

The MB of Perak (PAS) has made some good moves e.g. the granting of land titles but this in itself will be insufficient to sustain the support of the masses come the next General Elections.

If at all there is a chance for the Pakatan Rakyat to survive, it has to depend on bumbling Pak Lah’s ability to continue as President of UMNO and as Prime Minister. It is a weakened UMNO under Pak Lah’s family control that will ensure the mounting anger and frustration against the BN and the total rejection and collapse of the BN form of government by the next General Elections.

Should this scenario plays out the country will suffer such economic devastation that the next two generations will suffer untold hardship. This is a given.

Why Pak Lah Needs Anwar & Vice Versa

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

The common political enemy of Pak Lah and Anwar is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Pak Lah is suspicious of Najib and Muhyiddin and potential challengers!

Anwar knows that he cannot aspire to be the Prime Minister without the support of UMNO. It is the Malay factor, stupid! His overtures to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad have been rebuffed. That route was a dead end. He has no choice but to make a deal with Pak Lah.

When Pak Lah announced that Najib will be his successor, he was not expressing any love or confidence in Najib. It was a simple chess move to neutralize Najib from openly challenging him as urged by the grass roots. If Najib were to make any move, he will be seen to be ungrateful and impatient and Pak Lah’s spin doctors will punish Najib for the insolence and ingratitude.

But Pak Lah needs further insurance especially against any action that might be taken, post his retirement. He needs to be assured that his billions remain intact. The delay in Pak Lah’s retirement has nothing to do with his so-called intention to remedy the ills of UMNO and repair the damage suffered from the recent elections.

It is all about the billions promised to his cronies and to his family that could be obtained from the 9th Malaysian Plan and the Super-Mega projects amounting to RM1.3 trillion. One trillion is One Thousand Billion. Ten percent of that is RM100 billion. Five percent is RM50 Billion.

The minimum stake is 5% i.e. RM50 Billion.

A deal has to be finalized to transfer this loot, post retirement – if not the whole loot, at least part of the loot.

Enters Anwar Ibrahim.

The exchange is simple enough - Loot for Pak Lah, Prime Ministership for Anwar. May be, just may be some crumbs for the cronies and allies!

This is the real deal but there is a shadow-play being played out so that time may be given to Pak Lah to complete the deal.

The dinner organized by the Bar Council and paid by the government is the Wayang Kulit to divert and distract the rakyat from the deal of the century. The promise of the “reform” of the judiciary, starting with the proposed Judicial Commission will excite some na├»ve lawyers and gives the impression that Pak Lah is doing something to make amends for the election fiasco. There will be kudos for those lawyers who manipulated the Bar Council to lend support to Pak Lah – no less than elevation as Judges!

What’s new? Everyone has a price.

The rakyat must take heed of this warning. This double-dealing will destroy the country.

The rakyat has won a handsome victory by teaching the BN government a lesson. And the man responsible for the rot is Pak Lah. We want him out, now! Not 2009 and not 2010! Now!

But this historic victory will be squandered if we allow Pak Lah to continue, and make this deal with Anwar.


The Choice

Pak Lah and Anwar are motivated by greed and ambition. They do not have the interests of the country.

They are masters of spin. Do not be conned again by Pak lah – don’t fall again for the bullshit – “work with me and not for me”. His family plundered billions!

Now he wants more billions for his retirement.

This is the endgame.

The rakyat has a choice. Demand the immediate resignation of Pak Lah or bear the consequences of the country being raped and plundered by these crooks acting in concert with foreign powers.

Matthias Chang
18th April 2008
Kuala Lumpur

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