Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sokongan Yang Membawa Rebah

"If his advisors have been giving the wrong advice, REMOVE THEM ALL. If it's been the right advice, why should we be here now?"

I wonder whom Keng Yaik are referring to? hehehe
Hasn't Tun been telling the Government about these so called "advisors"???

I guessed they are only abled to tell the truth, LOUD AND CLEAR when they are leaving the office for good.
The Star has this reported:
Sunday, March 09, 2008

Not quitting
9/3 Senior Umno leaders have gathered at PM's house in Putrajaya to pledge their support for him; PM is not resigning, said an aide/STAR.

Too bad Shahrizat (I don't consider her a HP6 minister as she did worked hard for her Lembah Pantai constituents and did a good job in rolling out the Kementerian Kebajikan Wanita dan Keluarga) and those now without portfolios still feel the need to "mengibas" Pak Lah, even after their unfair lost in the PRU 12 , which was mainly due to Pak Lah and Khairy's liability to UMNO and BN. Perhaps they still have hope to be elected senators or whatever. This is the evil of falling to the temptations of "being in power" instead of a real intention to work for the people and the nation.
If they would only listened to the rakyat their voters and not continue brown nosing Pak Lah and Khairy, it would be a different scenarios for those who lost and for us all. We will not be losing our states to the Opposition!
I don't quite understand why they still want to keep these two culprits and risk the wrath of the people, their real boss and main stakeholders, even to the point of losing their constituents and their portfolios. Will the UMNO leaders NOT take heed? Or do they want us the members to do something drastic at PAU 2008? and the BN leaders again at PRU 13?
Until then, we need to keep harassing the Government to lose this TOTALLY HOPELESS Father and Son-In-Law duo and the whole floor of their illegal advisors on the STAT!

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