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Anwar Has Spoken to Idiot and S-I-L

More from Little Bird on Anwar and Khairy link.. hmmm.. it seems what we've been thinking about Khairy and Anwar are revelling quickly.. Are Anwar and Khairy going for the kill and WHY is Najib not moving???

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Saturday, 22 March 2008
By Little Bird

New Information Minister Dato Shabery Chik says that he wants to meet the Bloggers. Well Dato we have met so many times, even before I became a Blogger. Dato tak ingat ke?

Anyway I don't want to meet you any more lah. Assolaatu was salaam ya rasulil islam. Wabilaahi taufik wal hidayah.
Kawan-kawan, just a few days after the Election results, I first mentioned that Anwar Ibrahim had been to Sarawak and Sabah to try and 'win' over some BN MPs there. A few of you did not like to hear this and even questioned my objectivity.

Well it is public knowledge now. Here is today's Star:

IPOH: PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that he has met with Barisan Nasional MPs from Sabah and Sarawak over the issue of crossing over without him needing to go to the two states. “It is true that Barisan MPs from Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula have met me. I don’t deny that,” he said. . .He claimed he had also been talking to MPs from Peninsular Malaysia and not only those from Sabah and Sarawak. He, however, did not say where the meeting took place. Anwar was speaking to reporters after calling on Perak Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin at his office at the State Secretariat here yesterday.

Anwar is saying that the BN MP's met him. I dont see what is there to hide anymore. The facts are the other way around. Anwar is actively (day and night, siang dan malam, 24-7) courting the BN MPs.

And yes Anwar is not just talking to the MPs from Sabah and Sarawak. I have heard from the vine that Anwar has spoken to Idiot and the S-I-L in Kuala Lumpur. What do you say to that? He has also met a very senior Pemuda UMNO EXCO member.

Anwar told The Star that 'the principle of the BN MPs crossing over was based on an agenda of struggle and changes for the nation.' 'The question of buying people does not arise. It is not our tradition' he said.

Well my dear friends on Thursday, 15 MPs from Sabah (and possibly Sarawak) were in Melbourne, Australia being entertained by Saifuddin Nasution and Musa Aman's brother, Hanipah (?) - the guy who did not want to be Deputy Minister. They are being courted by Anwar to cross over. This is an all expenses paid trip. Where is the money coming from and who is paying for it?

They are being served not just food ok. There may be a couple of Australian sheepksins thrown into the deal . They may be engaged in some vigorous pushing and struggling over the weekend in Melbourne but let me assure you that 'struggle and changes for the nation' are the furthest things from their minds.

These are Sabah MPs. Have you heard of a jumping animal called the katak?

Money is involved. How much money? Well here is an idea for you to mull over: UMNO-BN tried to buy over three ADUNs in Perak - they are three short for a simple majority Folks say they were ADUNs from PAS. Folks say that PAS Perak and Hassan Ali, PAS Commissioner in Selangor had agreed to the crossover. The offer was in the millions of Ringgit. Yet this offer was turned down.

Why? A few reasons were because Hadi Awang and Husam Musa came out with strict and public warnings against any PAS people teaming up with BN. Also there was quick agreement that the PAS man Jamaluddin would be the MB of Perak, thus defusing the talk of crossing over. But there was something else. There was also a counter offer that was even better. Kawan-kawan this time there is money available on both sides of the divide.

Whatever amount UMNO can offer, Anwar can counter offer.

These are political animals ok. Lets not kid ourselves. And in Melbourne the ASIO (Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation) - the Aussie version of the MI5 lah, is busy bugging and video taping the 15 MPs and their antics. The British are also watching and so are the Singaporeans.

Talk is Anwar has also met Idiot and S-I-L.

This is simple common sense from a political survival point of view. The Gomen is weak. People say that Idiot may not last more than 30 days. Something is cooking over in UMNO with Tengku Razaleigh sending off letters, making statements and getting things organised. Big wheels are turning.

By coincidence or not today's Star Online is running a two page Google Ad about Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Hmm... I wonder who put it there. The Ad is at this location : Do check it out. Something is surely cooking.

Idiot's days are numbered. Dato Najib is a non starter. For the past one week his wife Rosmah looks like a dead zombie on TV and in the newspapers. So Idiot sees no harm in talking with Anwar and exploring possibilities.

The S-I-L is also an Anwar fan. Did any of you attend any of Anwar's ceramahs during the campaigning recently? I did. He said Najib will be sent off as Ambassador to Mongolia. He made fun of Idiot.

But never once did Anwar criticise S-I-L.

Why? Dont' accuse me of losing my objectivity okay. Please think.

I wonder if any of you were 'blogging' in the late 90s and early 2000? Does anyone recall the pantun 'Hujan Renyai Renyai'? Here they are again.

Hujan Renyai Renyai
Toyol bukan Batak
Duit punya pasai
Orang jadi katak

Hujan Renyai Renyai
Santan boleh berlada
Kuasa punya pasai
Kawan jadi kuda

And here are the lyrics to an old song by Tony Christie.

In the avenues and alleyways alike,
Everybody's wheelin', everybody's dealin'
All the low are living high
Every City's got them
Can't we ever stop them
Some of us are gonna try.

Lets keep our eyes and ears open.. Just talking about it is powerful enough.

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